hur går det med min svenska? / how’s it going with my swedish?

learning swedish is like the longest journey of my life…

sometimes i feel like i’m more likely to find the meaning of life or the fountain of youth before becoming fluent…

but i’m enjoying it.. it’s my little hobby. although i’ve always thought i was a fast learner and now i’m starting to rethink that 😉 i’m quite possibly a verrry slow learner..

so here’s how i’m studying these days:

  1. sfi (“svenska för invandrare” or “swedish for immigrants”) – these are the free courses that the city offers to help foreigners learn the language. people throw a lot of shade over sfi, but i like it. it could be better, granted. the first half of class is basically self study and the teacher comes around to help as needed; the second half of class is lecture based. for instance, the other week i read a story about how the average swede eats 230 cinnamon buns a year. very educational course. since i work during the day, i can only take the evening course which is once a week from 17:00 to 19:30. so if i only did sfi i’d basically be dead before i learned this language.
  2. tv – i’ve progressed on from “daniel tigers kvarter” and now i’ve discovered this website called “svt play” which has a ton of swedish television programs for streaming. i’m not good enough to just listen to them speak swedish (**one day…**) so i turn on the swedish subtitles. it’s a bit tricky since they’re not always saying exactly what the subtitles are writing. so far i’ve seen all seasons of “modellflickor” and “modellpojkar” (“model girls” and “model boys”). these are mini-documentaries following the lives of swedish models (or aspiring models). it’s actually really interesting and not at all superficial.
  3. music – i’ve recently started listening to swedish music and looking up the lyrics. i should have thought of this earlier because i love music 🙂 it takes me quite a while to fully understand one song and be able to recognize all the lyrics without the text in front of me, so i have a fairly small swedish playlist and i can grow it as i go.
  4. flash cards – for vocabulary
  5. språkkaffe – every thursday evening there’s a cafe in town where you can sit and speak swedish with other foreigners and some swedes as well. i think it’s so cool, because it’s totally stress free and relaxed. it can be really scary speaking in other forums, but this one helps let your guard down. i try to go to this as often as possible, but it seems i end up missing a lot of weeks…
so that’s my swedish is going…
bättre och bättre varje dag / better and better every day
i’ll leave you with a song by an artist named laleh. i love her! she’s an amazing artist.
here’s the lyrics in swedish and a translation in english if you need it:
“en stund på jorden” / ” a moment on earth”
if you’re studying swedish (or another language) let me know how it’s going for you..!

jag är tillbaka / i’m back

i completely neglected my blog since i returned from summer vacation..

göteborg från botaniska solnedgång 19 sep 2015

now it’s time to get back in the game.

ström blommor

so here’s a few photos i’ve taken on my phone recently

göteborg granderg kaffe

❤ Göteborg .. so cozy

trappa röd byggnad  cranes

more substantive updates to come.. stay tuned!