Star Quilt – Day 6

It’s been a nice relaxing day and we needed it, because we were poopedy poop pooped. And when I say relaxing, that isn’t to say unproductive. Pancake breakfast, Game of Thrones, and spring cleaning all before noon. Then Civilizations/quilting (Civilquilting? Quiltations?), and we made a huuuge stew in the Crock Pot. Now our freezer lunch box stash is pretty diverse – carbonara, bolognese, chickpea stew, parmesan chicken, and lasagne. Do you think we like Italian food? We may or may not have ordered take out Italian last night, too…

Today i laid out the main part of the quilt. I think I’m happy with the result. There are so many possible variations that I could probably fiddle with it for ever. I’ll sew these togther and then figure out a border later on!

Star Quilt- Day 5

It was goegeous out Sunday so we took a long walk – about an hour and a half. We had a relaxing weekend and we’re in a calmer period right now, which in itself takes some getting used to after being so busy all the time. It’s nice to just be.


It’s been a productive day on the quilting front.


I managed to sew the remaining squares together and cut them diagonally into fours. Below you can see 200 diamonds in all their glory. The next step will be to iron them all! Sound exciting? 😉


I played around with placement a bit. Here’s three alternatives for making the star. Which do you prefer?

Pretty! More of that next weekend!