Legos & Safari

We took the ferry to Denmark for the weekend. Denmark is really tiny (like 1/3 the size of north carolina), which led me to underestimate travel time. So that meant we arrived at our hotel (which was actually a hostel.. with a lightly developed zoo theme) after 1am. 

We still kept our pancake breakfast tradition (see the zoo picture in the background.. you’ll understand better later). 

Then we were off to Legoland!!!! I love Legoland! Even though it’s slightly less lego-y than expected. Rather than being a lego themed park, I would describe it as an existing theme park that Lego purchased and scattered Lego sculptures throughout 😉 

Friday we went to the safar zoo! So cool! I do feel a bit guilty with the animal, but we were told these were endangerd or injured creatures which didn’t fully excuse us from driving by and polluting their habitat but it was enough of a bone to let us enjoy the safari!

So cool!! I loved it. It was just like a real safari (or at least how I’ve imagined it, especially since we found some African playlist on spotify to ride along to). 

Now we’re on the ferry back to Sweden. We woke up at 3:45 to catch this. Whoo! Here’s some more pretty pictures. The Danish countryside is really lovely

Star Quilt – Day 13

Quilt top mostly finished! Just the border to go. But a large border..

Star Quilt – Days 7 – 12

So now I’ve got all 9 blocks sewn and even the sewn the first row together!

Sewing the others rows together won’t take too long, and then I’ll have the core of the top done. I’ll figure out some kind of border along the way. 

This quilt, more than others I’ve made, taught me the importance of nesting seams. I managed to nest them all so that the points line up and connect well, but there are definitely some parts where I could have nested better so that the seams layed flatter.

Otherwise, we had a lot of variety this weekend. We’ve been watching Riverdale on Netflix. Addictive. Saturday we were both intending to meet friends for fika but we had car trouble, unfortunately. We’ll find out what’s wrong today…

We love taking walks. There are so many great walking places around where we live. Cozy neighborhoods, potential filming scenes for Walking Dead, and woodsy areas. We’ll miss that when we move. Sunday morning, we tumbled upon this waterfall (after we’d been walking in the rain for over an hour! So we needed a treat..!)

Catch you later 🙂

Labor Day Weekend

Just came a three day weekend for Labor Day. No, there was no time travel involved.. labor day in Sweden is in May instead of September.

We spent a lot of that weekend checking off things for the wedding. Found a great deal on a suit. After looking around at nearly every store in town, we ended up buying my suit from the first store we visited. Isn’t that how it always goes? The suit was on sale for 2000 crowns and then next week, there was a 500 crowns off sale. We asked about the sale, and the cashier actually went ahead and gave us the discount already now! I think we came off pretty good because we got a double sale really. I suppose normally you’d get one or the other, but we walked away with both. Win for the wedding budget! After gift card, we spent just 1250 crowns (say $140)!! for a great looking suit. Jimmy already had a nice suit. We broke it out just to be sure, but it was fine. We also picked up a couple shirts, some shoes (we’re the same size in everything from rings to shirts to shoes.. could it be easier?), and ordered tie clips online.

We had been debating what color ties to get. I was leaning towards pink, which Jimmy wasn’t totally sold on the idea. Pink was my favorite color when I was a litte boy – do you think I made life easy for myself? We settled on light blue once we were at the tie shop. Very pretty ties! The two cost almost as much as my suit..! So the attire is black suit, white shirt, and light blue ties. I’ve been a bit worried that it’s too plain, but i think it will look crisp and timeless. There are a lot of pictures online with couples dressed like this and it looks good, so it’ll probably be fine. That’s the tricky part about wedding planning – it’s so easy to overthink things. I can really understand how people go overboard. We’re trying to keep the main thing the main thing, so to say. We love each other and want to dedicate our lives to one another.

We also stopped by a florist to start thinking about decorations. She asked if we had any special wishes. Our reply “umm.. no.” Turns out our special wish is a flower that can be picked up the day before and still look nice since florists are closed three days a year and one of those, lo and behold, is our wedding day.

So it’s coming together. That feels good! It feels exhausting, too haha .. so many details! We also met with our minister, who’s fantastic! We’ll be the first same sex couple to marry in that church

Now that May is here, we’re coming upon my fourth year anniversary in Sweden. I’ve been thinking to write a post comparing life here and back home or what i’ve learned / how i’ve changed. It’s a goal! I meant to do similar for my second and third anniversaries but you’ll find no such post. I have so many thoughts but have never really managed to write them out.

Hope you had a nice Labor Day weekend. Or that you do come September! I also attached some pictures from our neighborhood playground. The minister asked us what we like about each other and one thing we mentioned was that we’re both kids at heart ❤