feathers quilt

just finished this bird themed quilt:

there are several different variations of bird blocks on pinterest.

i modified the block to avoid any pieces smaller than a 2.5″ half square triangle. it does mean that my birds are slightly more abstract 😉

like 50% of my projects, it’s perhaps not totally my style, but sometimes i’m sucked into these patterns i see on pinterest. it’s also entirely from scraps which makes for a vibrant quilt (and budget-friendly) though it does mean you’re not using the fabrics you would have chosen from the store. the initial blocks were only browns and muted green/blue shades, but you notice that only lasted for say 3 of the 35 blocks 😉

you’ll also notice that i didn’t do a border. still unsure on that call…

not sure what my next projects will be. i’m thinking to take a stab at something new like crochet.

but first i have to quilt the king-size star top i finished awhile back. it’s just so huge that i’m intimidated with my tiny sewing machine…

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