a tour of hammarkullen

hammarkullen is a neighborhood within the hjällbo suburb of gothenburg.

the majority of apartments in the area were built in the late 1960s during the so-called “million program” where sweden attempted to fix the country’s housing shorage by building a million housing units over ten years.

hammarkullen, like many neighborhoods from this time period in sweden, is characterized by socialist modernism architecture.

there are rows and rows of these enormous, streamlined housing blocks

and though they do look slightly depressing, they’re also fascinating

there was a real vision and ambition in this time period

to create modern and affordable housing for everyone

in full service neighborhoods with a library, grocery stores, butiks, restaurants, and community spaces

all within a 15-20 minute tram ride into gothenburg’s center for work or pleasure

pretty idyllic isn’t it? i really like these neighborhoods around gothenburg!

they each have a unique feel to them.. as you can see, hammarkullen has art everywhere

it’s like stepping into a different world

the vision for these neighborhoods didn’t last forever, unfortunately..

these are now the poorest and most segregated communities in gothenburg with higher levels of crime than elsewhere in town and a fairly low population of native swedes

i still think the suburbs can be nice areas to live in. there’s lovely nature and they remain the most affordable neighborhoods (while still being high quality housing)

the stop for hammarkullen is one of the few underground stops in gothenburg. here you can enjoy this beautiful mural while waiting for the tram to arrive

thanks for the visit, hammarkullen. stay kul 😉