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hej på dig! i’m rick and i live in sweden with my husband.

i love quilting and pretty much anything around the home.

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    1. Hej! Sure! Here’s a few different things I’ve done along my journey (still a ways to go!):

      Beginning Suggestions:
      – Flash cards with common vocabulary and I studied on the bus to and from work. I found lists online fo the most common Swedish Words
      – Learning Software. I used Rosetta Stone, which people say good and bads things about and that it’s expensive. I don’t remember what it cost but I thought it was worth it, because it’s fun and keeps you interested. Sometimes it’s reading, sometimes listening, sometimes speaing, sometimes writing. I recommend it, but there may be cheaper or better options out there! It is good to an advanced beginner level.
      – Cartoons – I watched Daniel Tiger on Youtube in Swedish. It’s a kids tv program but it’s at a level that after you study a bit, you’ll be able to understand and learn wtih. It’s the least annoying kids show I could find and it’s quite fun actually 😉
      – SFI: if you’re in Sweden you can take free language Courses. It’s what you make of it – the teachers will help you as much as you ask, especially if you have a good teacher. if you just go and do what you’re told you will learn, but if you are Active in the class and asking the teacher for help, then you will learn a lot! and it’s free!

      Later down the road:
      – Once I got a it better at Swedish I stopped the flashcards because I got tired of it once I needed more advanced vocabulary. It’s probably still good to use flash cards but I found that once it wasn’t basic words anymore, I had trouble motivating myself to use flashcards.
      – Newspaper: I read the newspaper in Swedish. I still don’t understand everything, and when I first started reading it, I understood quite little but by and by got better. Some articles you’ll be able to understand everything and some articles you will understand nothing.
      – Swedish Music: This is probably one of the best suggestions. Every Swedish song you can google the lyrics to and type English translation. There’s a site that side by side shows the lyrics in Swedish and English and it’s really awesome because you will not forget words from a song! Some artists I like who sing all or partly in Swedish are: Veronica Maggio, Laleh, and Miss Li.
      – Netflix: you can watch with spoken English and written Swedish (not everything is literal but you can pick up on how in Swedish the phrase might be said) or in Swedish with Swedish text. I never do Swedish with English text because it’s still quite tough for me to listen to Swedish and follow perfectly so it wouldn’t help me much!
      – texting with friends in Swedish and later speaking in Swedish with them! i work in English so I only practice with friends!

      Hope this was helpful! Good luck! Where are you living?

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  1. Some great suggestions! Thank you.

    I use Anki for a flashcard software. But it is mainly random words. I think I’ll be taking your advice and finding a deck that is mostly commonly used words to keep me motivated!

    I’ll try the cartoons and the music too! Good ideas! Do you know the site that gives the lyrics side by side? That would be really helpful.

    I live in Wales but have a lot of friends over in Sweden, and travel there a lot.

    Again, thanks for the tips!


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