six months later

it’s been six months since we moved from gothenburg to greensboro. time flies, as always. even if it doesn’t always feel like it (especially between the hours of eight am and five pm, monday through friday…). i think that’s so scary how fast the time goes as an adult…

it’s been a lot of ups and downs in these six months. we bid on several houses (and almost closed on one even, but in the end we decided against it for a handful of reasons mostly to do with issues with the house and a few otherwise). we got a dog for a very short time who i really miss even if it was right to let him go (he’s in a better place now.. not dead like it sounds in that phrasing, mind you).

we’ve hated it here and loved it here. the longer we’ve been here, the more and more we have come to like it. which surprised me to some extent. i guess we as humans adapt and get used to things. but there are definitely things we love here. it’s been so much fun living close to the family. we can have a spontaneous dinner after work with my parents, which is wonderful.

and we’ve found some trails in the area with beautiful nature. greensboro loves highways and pavement, but there are some pockets that have really stunning nature.

work has not been the most inspiring. i’m now nine years into this career. it’s taken me places i never thought i’d see and those places and people i met changed and molded me. the working hours themselves aren’t the most rewarding personally and that’s something that’s been building over the years. some recent business trip photos:

summer is here now. well technically it may be spring but it’s for sure summer temperatures (30 C / 90 F). it’s great to wear shorts 😎 here’s a photo of our balcony with some nice plants. it’s from our apartment which otherwise isn’t very decorated, though more and more it is just by nature of acquiring things here and there.

otherwise, i’ve got a new sewing machine that’s so quiet and wonderful! we’re working on a joint project to make a pineapple quilt (s little ambition to eventually have a tropical inspired home decor).

that’s all for now! hopefully i’ll post another update sooner. so many things going on to write about!


i’m having a hard time adjusting here. it’s been three weeks so far.. and it probably gets better with time, but when everything is so hectic right now it calms me down to imagine life back “home” in gothenburg


hejdå göteborg (for now)

Tonight is my last night in Gothenburg after five and a half years.

When I first arrived here, I had no idea I would have been here for this long. But after a couple years here, it became home and I didn’t plan on ever leaving. I thought I’d buy a little cottage or maybe apartment in the city and grow deep roots. Things change quickly, don’t they?

In a lot of ways, I feel like I grew up here, found myself here, and feel a sense of belonging here. It’s hard to say goodbye to my lovely Gothenburg ❤️🇸🇪 so I’m just saying hejdå for now.

Let’s see what the future holds! For now, I’m looking forward to settling in back in North Carolina and spending quality time with my parents again.

Another big move! But this time I’m taking my Swedish souvenir with me 😘 an adventure for the team.

here and there

i’ve been a few places in the last months and since i haven’t been consistently posting, i thought to share just a few photos

Trollhättan.. we rented a car just to see the town.. it’s a calm place and i can imagine us living there and enjoying the nature

Paris with work.. in the distance of the second photo you can see the eiffel tower (view from the office.. otherwise you wouldn’t know you’re in paris!)

Nyc from the plane.. cool view right? I wasn’t there actually but was in nc for a short work trip then had a layover in nj

some photos around Gothenburg.. morning walks to central station and a view from gothia ❤️🇸🇪

Summer vacation in Rhodes! What an adventure 🙂

And I’ll just finish this post with the view from my window each morning so i have that captured somewhere to look back on someday when i’m waking up somewhere else.

Take care! 🙂

a tour of hammarkullen

hammarkullen is a neighborhood within the hjällbo suburb of gothenburg.

the majority of apartments in the area were built in the late 1960s during the so-called “million program” where sweden attempted to fix the country’s housing shorage by building a million housing units over ten years.

hammarkullen, like many neighborhoods from this time period in sweden, is characterized by socialist modernism architecture.

there are rows and rows of these enormous, streamlined housing blocks

and though they do look slightly depressing, they’re also fascinating

there was a real vision and ambition in this time period

to create modern and affordable housing for everyone

in full service neighborhoods with a library, grocery stores, butiks, restaurants, and community spaces

all within a 15-20 minute tram ride into gothenburg’s center for work or pleasure

pretty idyllic isn’t it? i really like these neighborhoods around gothenburg!

they each have a unique feel to them.. as you can see, hammarkullen has art everywhere

it’s like stepping into a different world

the vision for these neighborhoods didn’t last forever, unfortunately..

these are now the poorest and most segregated communities in gothenburg with higher levels of crime than elsewhere in town and a fairly low population of native swedes

i still think the suburbs can be nice areas to live in. there’s lovely nature and they remain the most affordable neighborhoods (while still being high quality housing)

the stop for hammarkullen is one of the few underground stops in gothenburg. here you can enjoy this beautiful mural while waiting for the tram to arrive

thanks for the visit, hammarkullen. stay kul 😉

feathers quilt

just finished this bird themed quilt:

there are several different variations of bird blocks on pinterest.

i modified the block to avoid any pieces smaller than a 2.5″ half square triangle. it does mean that my birds are slightly more abstract 😉

like 50% of my projects, it’s perhaps not totally my style, but sometimes i’m sucked into these patterns i see on pinterest. it’s also entirely from scraps which makes for a vibrant quilt (and budget-friendly) though it does mean you’re not using the fabrics you would have chosen from the store. the initial blocks were only browns and muted green/blue shades, but you notice that only lasted for say 3 of the 35 blocks 😉

you’ll also notice that i didn’t do a border. still unsure on that call…

not sure what my next projects will be. i’m thinking to take a stab at something new like crochet.

but first i have to quilt the king-size star top i finished awhile back. it’s just so huge that i’m intimidated with my tiny sewing machine…

snowy short valley

i’m in the middle of a four day weekend. yippee! 😀

we just got back from a walk, so i’m posting some pictures to show our neighborhood plus a couple i took in the city center earlier this week.

tram line! cool tunnel right? 😁

^^ welcome to the nordic region.

^^ lovely at night! ❤ #brunnsparken

^^ we pull our trollies up this path to go to the grocery store at the square

^^ view over kortedala (“short valley”).. gothenburg’s first suburb

^^ this is me bundled up and freezing still

^^ mmm loooove semlor (buns with whipped cream & almond paste)

otherwise it’s just been a chill day. we watched a documentary on netflix called “expedition happiness” about a german couple on a six month road trip through canada, alaska, pacific highway, and mexico.

there are so many wonderful places on the earth and wouldn’t it be great to have the freedom to explore on a whim? 😀