torsk med äpplen & potatis / cod with apples & potatoes

vad är till middag? vad sägs om något båda söta & salta. med fisk. något helt enkelt. / what’s for dinner? how about something both sweet and savory. with fish. something completely simple.

bakat torsk med äpplen och potatis / baked torsk with apples and potatoes

nu kör vi! / let’s go!


ingredienser: torsk, äpplen, potatis, pepparrot, dill, smör / indgredients: cod, apples, potatoes, horseradish, dill, butter

(ingen specifik antal.. jag hade fyra sticken torskfiléer, två äpplen, och kanske sex små potatis / no specific amounts.. i had four cod fillets, two apples, and maybe six small potatoes) 

sätt ugnen på 200 C / preheat the oven to 400 F


skär torsk, äpplen, och potatis i tärningar. skiva pepparrot i tunna bitar. krydda med dill, salt, peppar, och lite smör. / cube the cod, apples, and potatoes. thinly slice the horseradish. season with dill, salt, peppar, and a little butter.


baka i tjugofem minuter / bake for twenty-five minutes


varsågod / enjoy

grandma’s chocolate chip cookies

my grandmother was the queen of chocolate chip cookies. #royalty


she had dozens of them at every get-together i can remember. and they were always perfect. perfectly browned. perfectly cakey. with the perfect balance of cookie and chocolate. and the chocolate chips were always chips. obviously, hence the name, but it was as if they were inserted into the cookie after the cooling process instead of melting into a plop of chocolate (the way mine always do).

as she got older, she couldn’t get out to shop for all of us, so at christmas she would give us each our own little bag of chocolate chip cookies she had made. sweet memories..

after she passed away, i asked if someone had her chocolate chip cookie recipe. my mom (totally nonchalant) was like, ‘no.. but it’s just the nestle tollhouse recipe.’



i was so completely shocked.. first off, i thought she made this recipe up herself. i did. i thought it was years of experimenting perfected. second, her cookies were so unusual tasting. i loved them, but there was something particularly unusual about them. they didn’t taste like standard chocolate chip cookies. plus i’ve had those nestle break-and-bake and thosearenotsotasty.


so today, i decided to take a shot at making grandma’s cookies. or nestle’s. howeveryouprefertophrasethat.

i used their “original” recipe, so you can find it anywhere online.

granted, this isn’t exactly the recipe my grandmother used, because i know her’s contained shortening. now, shortening is obviously not healthy.. better to even say it’s unhealthy.. but that’s why it makes everything so delicious, darling.


and as you can see… my cookies turned out flat as pancakes. greasy looky messes. with gooey chocolate oozing everywhichaway.

i don’t take full responsibility for that last failing because the chocolate chip selection at the store was just.. sad.

just goes to show you that it’s not just the recipe that matters in the end. so hats of to my grandmother.


and happy mother’s day! to my grandmother who is no longer with us. my other grandmother. my own mother! my sister. and all the other mothers out there in the blogosphere! have a cookie and celebrate the day. just don’t have one of mine, for your own sake.

seafood casserole

some people hate for their foods to mix.


i’m the total opposite.

i want everything together. cover all the bases and keep it together. it’s easier to store/reheat that way. if it needs to cook separately, that’s ok. but if i can throw it all together at once, even better.


so casseroles or soup, i love. this one is seafood.


seafood: salmon filet, crawfish, muscles

i live by the sea so fresh seafood is easily obtainable… still i used frozen this round. notsoclassyiknow


vegetables: peas, mushrooms, onion


i don’t like mayonnaise. and really the main reason that i don’t like it is that it looks horrifically disgusting. but if it’s within a dish like this, i don’t mind. awhile back i found a simple recipe for mayonnaise. and i feel better making it myself and knowing what’s in it. one egg (less half of the white), quarter cup of olive oil, squeeze of lemon, salt/pepper, and whatever spice to go with your dish. immersion blender from the bottom up.


here’s the casserole recipe i followed (in spirit with substitutions):


serve with iced tea.

late night pancakes

it was a fairly hectic day of travel with flight cancellations and whatnots..

but it ended on such a nice note.


for the second time, i had the singing stewardess on my flight into göteborg. this woman works for SAS and she sings a song over the p.a. system on descent.

last time she sang “what a wonderful world” (as the sun was setting) and this time she sang a swedish song. it is so beautiful. it just makes me so happy and inspired.

love her. 


i shared a taxi home with a chinese guy who happened to work for my company. the taxi driver was also a foreigner. they were in the front talking in swedish about learning swedish and taking SFI (the class i am in). and it was just so cool because i could understand them and talk with them a bit, as well.

learning a language is suchhh a long  and tryyyying process but these little moments really make me smile and keep going. you just have to celebrate the little victories in any commitment; there are way more moments when i’m just totally embarrassed or discouraged!


i arrived home and found myself hungry amidst empty cupboards, so i whipped up some buttermilk pancakes. the recipe is just 1c buttermilk, 1c flour, 1tbs baking powder, dash of salt, and 1 egg. i use a brown sugar syrup that is really easy to make. 

nothing like late night pancakes and being back home

… hope you had a wonderful end to the work week …

carrot & pumpkin soup w. cinnamon scones

this morning i woke up and wanted to go for a walk to greet the day and get my blood flowing..

20150201_115406 20150201_115935

there’s a church atop a hill, say fifteen minutes from my apartment, so i headed there

20150201_115625 20150201_115822

20150201_120539 20150201_120601

and on the way, stumbled upon a snow family.

this dog is too cute. he’s smiling.!

DSCF1003 DSCF1011 DSCF1010 DSCF1031

the other week i made carrot and pumpkin soup to freeze.

aside from the carrots and pumpkins, i added probably six cups of water, one bouillon, pepper, a little nutmeg. after it boils, i used an immersion blender so that it’s thick but not totally smooth. then i add a bit of milk so it’s creamy.

biscuit1 DSCF1170

yesterday morning i woke up early and made cinnamon scones. i just altered my plain biscuit recipe:

1 & 3/4 c flour + 2 tbs butter + 4 tbs baking powder + two pinches of salt[mix]

then maybe 1 tbs cinnamon (tops) + maybe 1 tsp nutmeg + maybe 1/8 c brown sugar [mix, sift]

buttermilk (1 cup?) until you get to a dough that’s a bit dry/crubmly, a bit wet..

bake nine or ten minutes @ 450F/230C


after a chilly walk in the lightly falling snow, i threw these leftovers on the stove and in the oven…

a cozy and energizing start to sunday.

little debbie oatmealkakor

when i was a kid, i loved those little debbie oatmeal crème pies. my great grandmother always had them on hand.

she passed away when i was two years old, and a family favorite story goes that shortly after, we visited my grandmother and i asked her, “where’s the oatmeal cookie lady?”

DSCF1150 DSCF1151

this weekend i made those little debbie’s from scratch and thought of my great grandmother.

so.. don your little debbie cowgirl hat and give ’em a go:

DSCF1152 DSCF1153

you’ll need a soft oatmeal cookie recipe. i haven’t been able to find molasses in sweden, so i used this recipe which was perfect:

DSCF1157 DSCF1158

they’re quite tasty by their own merit, but to make little ol’ debbie proud, you’ll need a cream to sandwich in between two cookies.

i used a buttercream recipe, but you could just as well whip up a cream and call it a day:!

DSCF1162 DSCF1165

if you do use that buttercream recipe, i’d say you can cut back on the powdered sugar without sacrificing the taste


enjoy..! your home will smell, well, like home.

Ärtsoppa (Swedish Pea Soup) & Crepes

The traditional meal for each Thursday in Sweden is ärtsoppa, a soup made with yellow peas and pork, served with thin pancakes..


Yellow peas? Yep, such a thing exists. Apparently..

DSCF0979 DSCF0981 

I used a recipe book I was gifted called “Wonderful Sweden.” You can find a similar recipe here (basically add a carrot and it’s the same recipe):

If you took a gander at the recipe and thought whattheheckismarjoram.?!., you’re not alone. I substituted oregano, because I couldn’t find marjoram at the grocery and a careless Google search told me that the two are related.

I’m all about improvising.

 DSCF0977 DSCF0987

Swedes eat their pea soup with thin pancakes, which are basically crepes. I know that sounds like a really random combination. And it is. It’s kind of  a nice combo though. The soup is heavy and the crepes are light. The soup is salty and the jam for the crepes is sweet.

DSCF0992 DSCF0994

If you’ve never made crepes, take a lesson from Julia:

I quite like this soup. And it’s a nice day for soup. Much like every day.