Bird block

I’ve seen some bird blocks on Pinterest that i really like. Yesterday i gave it a shot. Haven’t decided what the quilt will look like, but probably a mix of blocks – birds, leaves, pumpkins… Maybe a fall theme if i can make it work (just using scraps so far).

Stay tuned…

Star Quilt – Day 13

Quilt top mostly finished! Just the border to go. But a large border..

Star Quilt – Days 7 – 12

So now I’ve got all 9 blocks sewn and even the sewn the first row together!

Sewing the others rows together won’t take too long, and then I’ll have the core of the top done. I’ll figure out some kind of border along the way. 

This quilt, more than others I’ve made, taught me the importance of nesting seams. I managed to nest them all so that the points line up and connect well, but there are definitely some parts where I could have nested better so that the seams layed flatter.

Otherwise, we had a lot of variety this weekend. We’ve been watching Riverdale on Netflix. Addictive. Saturday we were both intending to meet friends for fika but we had car trouble, unfortunately. We’ll find out what’s wrong today…

We love taking walks. There are so many great walking places around where we live. Cozy neighborhoods, potential filming scenes for Walking Dead, and woodsy areas. We’ll miss that when we move. Sunday morning, we tumbled upon this waterfall (after we’d been walking in the rain for over an hour! So we needed a treat..!)

Catch you later 🙂

Star Quilt – Day 6

It’s been a nice relaxing day and we needed it, because we were poopedy poop pooped. And when I say relaxing, that isn’t to say unproductive. Pancake breakfast, Game of Thrones, and spring cleaning all before noon. Then Civilizations/quilting (Civilquilting? Quiltations?), and we made a huuuge stew in the Crock Pot. Now our freezer lunch box stash is pretty diverse – carbonara, bolognese, chickpea stew, parmesan chicken, and lasagne. Do you think we like Italian food? We may or may not have ordered take out Italian last night, too…

Today i laid out the main part of the quilt. I think I’m happy with the result. There are so many possible variations that I could probably fiddle with it for ever. I’ll sew these togther and then figure out a border later on!

Star Quilt- Day 5

It was goegeous out Sunday so we took a long walk – about an hour and a half. We had a relaxing weekend and we’re in a calmer period right now, which in itself takes some getting used to after being so busy all the time. It’s nice to just be.


It’s been a productive day on the quilting front.


I managed to sew the remaining squares together and cut them diagonally into fours. Below you can see 200 diamonds in all their glory. The next step will be to iron them all! Sound exciting? 😉


I played around with placement a bit. Here’s three alternatives for making the star. Which do you prefer?

Pretty! More of that next weekend!

Star Quilt – Day 3

Happy Friday!

Hope you’ve had a nice week! It’s been a good week here. We’re doing a little challenge called the Cabinet Challenge, where for a whole week you live off what’s in your fridge and pantry except that you can spend up to $25 (or 250 kronor in our case) on fresh foods like milk and juice. Otherwise no purchases! The idea is to save money and eat things before they expire. It’s fun! But tough..

I’ve started on the sewing phase of my quilt.


To recap, I’ve cut 100 squares (28cm or about 10″), which I’ve matched up into pairs. Now I’m sewing each pair together, all the way around, face down.


So in the end of this phase, I’ll end up with 50 squares sewn together.


So far, I’ve got about a dozen done.


The sewing is the fun part! Love that. Cutting isn’t the greatest ever. Can just be crazy tedious (although the cutting for this project was a cinch.. or sinch.. synch.. however that’s spelled..!). But sewing is so cool. I love sewing machines 🙂 I’ve been curious how they’re actually working, so this week I watched some videos about the mechanics and it also gave a history of sewing machines. That was interesting! I’ll post the link below.


Hope you’ve had a fun week! Time for a movie and candy now 🙂