Wedding Day

We had a wonderful wedding! It was really everything we wanted for the day. Beautiful ceremony and great company. 

We woke up around 8 the morning of and had a pancake breakfast on the couch with some tv. My family came over for breakfast and were surprised to see us so relaxed. Really we were just trying to not think too much and makes ourselves more nervous. The ceremony was at 2pm, so we intended to leave around noon since it was a 40 minute drive. But we ran a bit late and arrived at the church in shorts and t-shirts around 1:20. We had a chat with the musician (she wanted to see if it was ok if she played ‘The Prayer’ on the flute while playing the organ by foot… it was beautiful! We got chill bumps).

Time ran away and we barely got dressed in time for the ceremony. It took slightly longer than expected to get dressed (since we had to google how to wear tie clips and suspenders.. and in our nervousness we forgot how to tie our ties and then we couldn’t find my dad to get his help..!).

When it came time to walk down the aisle, we were sooo nervous. Whoo! Crazy nervous. I’m so glad we walked down the aisle together hand in hand. The ceremony was great. Our priest was really wonderful – her message was lovely. The music was beautiful. The church was beautiful. Dad got a bit choked up reading the bible verse. And Jimmy was so handsome 🙂 the most beautiful. Just wanted to hold him during the service ❤ 

We loved our wedding cake! And the reception went well. We planned a little get to know each other bingo game and it was really a hit. You had to find someone who was left handed, was wearing green shoes, had two sisters, etc. It really livened the party up and got people moving. I was actually a bit nervous and when Jimmy asked if it was game time i was thinking to ask if we should skip it, but i’m glad we went through with it.

Wow we took so many pictures! We had a close friend as the photographer since she’s really talented. The day flew by! It was great having our closest family and friends around for our big day. 

I feel really lucky to have Jimmy. I never imagined or thought much about marriage or a wedding before him. Each step of planning the wedding was new to us – we didn’t have a picture for what the flowers should look like or how the church should be decorated or what should happen at the wedding. We kept reminding ourselves that marrying each other was what was important. All the details sorted out and we had a lovely day. 

After the reception we cleaned up and daid goodbye to my family. My sisters were heading back to NC and my parents were going to Rome. Jimmy and I headed to Varberg for a few days by the coast.

The family arrives

Our wedding is quickly approaching! Saturday’s the big day. I’m leaving work now – last day for the week. My sister Trace arrived last Tuesday, my parents Thursday (at 5am!), and we’ll pick my up other sister Christy from the airport tonight. Yay can’t wait!

We printed the wedding programs last night. The printer worked beautifully. Miracle!

It’s been fun hosting the fam! They’re at a red cottage a few stops up from us. So far we’ve showed them the center, Tjolöhom, Botaniska, Marstrand, and maybe some other things! And made a swedish meatball dinner, of course 😉 At first we thought we were wearing them out, but then they bought tickets for a 6am bus to Oslo; they get back tonight at 2am. Forever young. 

More fun to come! 

Our church & more

Today we went to visit the reception hall at the church where we’re getting married. Just wanted to see it inside before we booked it. But it was perfect. Just a country looking hall at our country church. We love it there. Couldn’t have been a prettier day to visit than today in the snow:



Also… our invitations arrived today! The envelopes were crappy, so we designed and printed our own:

2017-03-06 20.38.57.jpg

Check your mailbox!

Engaged / Förlovad

I’ve just recently gotten engaged ❤

So I thought it could be fun to share the planning on here! Neither of us had thought much of weddings before, so we’re basically figuring it out as we go and creating our vision step by step!

When we called my brother to tell him, his advice was to not stress too much over the wedding – that the only thing that’s necessary is the two of us and a witness – everything else is details.

I really like the idea of having a kind of old fashioned, homemade wedding where we keep what’s important in perspective and enjoy the day with the special people in our lives!

So far we’ve decided to have a small wedding on midsummer’s day at a little country church where my fiancé was baptised.

It’s coming together day by day, so stay tuned!