god nytt år! / happy new year!

nyåret är här! / the new year is here!

och jag ska (en gång till) försöka att skriva en blogg! det gick bra i början av förra året.. då gick (väldigt) dåligt efter sommaren… /and i will (once more) try to write a blog! it went well in the beginning of last year.. then went (very) bad after the summer…

någonstans i cybervärlden ligger en jättestor kyrkogård för alla förlorad och glömd bloggar (och jag har tre eller så av mina egna där.. men inte den här.. inte än!) / somewhere in the cyber world lies a very big cemetary for all the lost and forgotten blogs (and i have three or so of my own there.. but not this one.. not yet!)

i alla fall… / anyway…

nyt år. nya chanser. ny början. / new year. new chances. new beginning.

sååå välkommen igen / soo welcome again


till alla saker hem relaterat (laga mat, baka, hantverk), resa, lära, bilder, och allt annat som händer i mitt liv / to all things home related (cooking, baking, crafting), travelling, learning, pictures, and whatever else is happening in my life

this winter air…

late last night i was thinking about the new year as on a precipice, standing before a bare valley in wintertime with an endless view of possibilities and directions.

i was reminded of a few lines from elizabeth alexander’s inaugural poem:

In today’s sharp sparkle, this winter air

any thing can be made, any sentence begun.

On the brink, on the brim, on the cusp,

praise song for walking forward in that light.

i’ve started this blog as a resolution to share, reflect, grow, explore, and enjoy the present; that’s the essence of  ‘down home, lagom.’

i’ll write about my adventures in expat life, introduce you to the folks i know, discuss the books that fill my shelves, share the music that plays in my head, post the photos i snap, save a seat for you on my travels, invite you into my kitchen, and whatever else strikes my fancy which hopefully strikes yours alike (or not).

welcome to my blog. welcome to the journey. welcome to 2015. välkommen!