tacksgiving preparations

turkey’s purchased from the butcher!

we’ll have our thanksgiving dinner saturday (or tacksgiving, as i’m calling it since we’re in sweden). 

i haven’t been home for thanksgiving since 2011, which is sad.. but jimmy and i have prepared a classic menu including turkey with cornbread stuffing, sweet potato casserole, green beans, & pumpkin pie 😀

here’s last year’s dinner:

happy thanksgiving!


birds & pumpkins

i’ve finished six blocks on the bird quilt. so far it’s purely from a box of scraps (hence why there are now two blue birds in the mix.. ran out of brown 😉).

we visited the local amusement park liseberg to see the halloween decorations. it’s really like a cozy little village inside 😀 pumpkins everywhere!

happy halloween!

how to: halloween movie nights

my mom loves decorating for the holidays,  so each holiday is really special because the house transforms.

at halloween, she has orange lights in the windows, a witch on a broomstick that smack into a tree, pumpkins & mums in the yard, and the den is really cozy with all kinds of decorations that light up.

when i was growing up, mom, dad, and i started a tradition each night in october of making it completely dark in the den, lighting up only the halloween candles & decorations, and turning on a halloween movie. usually halloweentown (highly recommend), harry potter, or the like.

i love that tradition. so this year, we brought it to life in our little swedish apartment. 

maybe you can start this as a tradition in your home too 😀

all my hobbies

kind of like ‘all my children’ but with hobbies instead 😉 i’ve never seen that show actually..

anyway, we’ve gotten in the habit of selling things we don’t use/need. the best example of this was our one and only car. yep, we sold it! we’re a full-time public transit family. noisy trams with standing room only for the win! on the other hand, we save a ton of money. thousands per month. well thousands of swedish crowns. hundreds of dollars. i prefer swedish money because it’s bigger numbers and it makes me feel rich seeing everything multiplied by 8..!

here’s a shot of ms. golf (jimmy’s baby.. err.. former baby). 

back to the point of this post.. our most recent listing was to sell my violin. when i first moved to sweden, i wanted to learn violin so i up and bought a $400 or so violin and tried to teach myself. watching youtube videos. that sounds fail safe, right?

i actually stuck with it for a.. hmm “respectable” period of time before giving it up. so don’t judge me too harshly 😉. here was my excuse at the time: i had split my time among so many things that everything was neglected. someone suggested i focus on one thing only, and when i had that under control, add something else into the mix. so i dropped a lot (including violin) to study swedish, which i decided should be my priority.

i never came back to the violin as you might have guessed. orrr maybe you guessed that i did come back to the violin. became super great. world talent type performer. and the only reason that i sold my beginner violin was because i had upgraded to an expert level instrument??

but no. the violin joined a long list of other hobbies i’ve tested over the years. 

and with that said.. i thought it would be fun to make a list of hobbies i’ve taken a shot at:




drawing (i even took a class!)

book clubs


community band (trumpet)

clothes making





probably a dozen others..

and as you know: violin

farewell violin! please know that you were not sold in vein. we’ve used a portion of your proceeds to buy walking dead season 7 on dvd 😀

kanelbullens dag (cinnamon bun day)

happy cinnamon bun day from sweden!

we prepared on sunday, making both pumpkin buns and cinnamon buns

to be transparent.. the pumpkins buns don’t technically contain much (any) pumpkin, but instead a blend of pumpkin-like spices: cinnamon, coriander, kardemum, etc. 

tasty 🙂

Winter is coming…

We broke out the coats this week. And the blackout shade is becoming less necessary at night. Candles are lit many evenings. Cold and darkness have crept back in, as expected. 

Winter’s a long season in Sweden. But before winter sets in full, there’s fall to enjoy. I read in a novel once describing the seasons as a loop and return of time, rather than a linear progression. It’s wonderful to embrace the seasons, isn’t it?  And to bring them inside with decorations and foods. 

Fall’s such a cozy time of the year. My favorite. A time to slow down life after a very busy spring and summer.

We’re not traveling any this fall, but instead enjoying home. Recharging our batteries. Exploring our town. Exploring new hobbies and new recipes.

There’s such a freshsness and earthiness about fall, its air and its colors. Sweden has a particular color palette of its own – grey skies, deep evergreens, black soil, and dark grey stone. It’s really evident this time of year. Here’s a glimpse of fall in our neck of the woods:

Jimmy packed my bag full of m&m’s today😀). I treated myself to the fall colored ones.